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Who is this course for?

This comprehensive course is designed for individuals who want to enhance their understanding of Islamic banking and finance, those seeking to enter the field, and professionals looking to advance their career opportunities. No prior knowledge or qualifications are necessary.

Course Overview:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic finance principles and practices. Apply Islamic finance rules to analyze and ensure Shariah compliance in commercial transactions. Develop proficiency in various Islamic modes of financing and confidently explain their features.

Course Topics:

1. Introduction to Islamic Economic Framework

2. How Islamic Banking and Finance Works

3. Islamic Law of Contracts and Business Transactions

4. Islamic Perspective on Wealth and Money

5. Personal Money Matters

6. Prohibited Transactions

7. Musharaka and Mudaraba Modes of Financing (Equity-based)

8. Murabahah and Ijarah Modes of Financing

9. Salam and Istisna Modes of Financing

10. Islamic Financial Markets, Funds, and Shares

11. Sukuk (Investment Certificates)

12. Digital Economy and FinTech

Why learn about Islamic Finance?

In a global quest for a fair and equitable economic and financial system, the demand for Islamic finance and economy is on the rise.

Islamic finance, rooted in the principles of Islamic law, offers a unique perspective that rejects usurious and speculative practices, promoting fairness and ethical conduct in business and finance.

By studying Islamic finance, you gain insights into the fundamental principles, prohibitions, and modes of financing that underpin this ethical approach. Expand your understanding and contribute to a more just and sustainable financial landscape.

Instructor: Almir Colan

Almir Colan is the Director of Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF) and CEO at Olive Investments. Almir is also an adviser to number of institutions that provide Islamic finance and member of a working group at AAOIFI.

Previously, Almir was a consultant lecturer and board member for the Master of Islamic Banking and Finance Course at La Trobe University.

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