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New Master Class

Master the Art of Islamic Finance

This isn’t your traditional Islamic Finance course where you will simply learn the difference between the halal and haram in financial transactions. This Master Class is designed to challenge your way of thinking and approach to Islamic Finance, to re-think what you already know, to open your mind to deeper, intricate and more complex scenarios.

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Programs with Almir Colan

Islamic Finance Professional: Online Course

Course has been comprehensively designed in such a manner that it covers all of the major areas of Islamic Banking and Finance in its entirety.

Learn Islamic Finance with Almir.

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AUSCIF Academy

Join Almir Colan at AUSCIF's Islamic Business and Finance Professional Development Academy.

Islamic StartUp

Start, Run and Grow your business.

The Call Out

Conversation about important events, topics and issues for our community that warrant a closer and more in depth discussion.

About Almir

Almir Colan is a Director of Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF), Director at Awqaf Australia and Board member at Garden College. Almir is also an adviser to number of institutions that provide Islamic finance and member of a working group at AAOIFI.

Previously, Almir was a consultant lecturer and board member for the Master of Islamic Banking and Finance Course at La Trobe University; Advisory Board Member for the Master of Islamic Banking and Finance Course at La Trobe University; Member of the Advisory Reference Group for the Bachelor of Accounting/Associate Degree of Accounting at NMIT; Executive board member at Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV);


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