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Introducing our Islamic Finance and Leadership Program

A comprehensive suite of courses designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the field of Islamic finance and leadership. The program includes three courses:

1. Islamic Finance Professional Development (IFPD) Course

A foundational course that covers the key principles and modes of financing in Islamic banking and finance.

2. Leading with Islamic Finance MasterClass

A leadership course that explores the intersection of Islamic finance and leadership, and teaches you how to lead with purpose.

Turkiye: Economic Miracle MasterClass

A case study course that explores the key lessons learned from Turkiye's rapid economic success and transformation in the last 20 years.


About the Program

By enrolling in our Islamic Finance and Leadership Program, you will gain a deep understanding of Islamic finance principles, learn how to lead with ethics and integrity, and develop the skills needed to drive business growth and achieve economic success.

The program is designed for all participants who want to enhance their understanding of Islamic finance and economy, enter the field or further their career opportunities. No prior knowledge or qualifications are necessary.

Enroll in our Islamic Finance and Leadership Program today and take the first step towards unlocking the power of Islamic finance principles and achieving success in your career.

Note: Islamic Finance and Leadership Program is a self-study program with pre-recorded video lessons.

- - - Bonus Live classes - - - 

As a bonus, we're offering two live classes with Mr Almir Colan in May and June to answer any questions about the course content or anything else related to your journey in Islamic finance and leadership. The specific dates and times of these classes will be determined by students closer to the date, to ensure that everyone can participate at a time that works best for them.

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Instructor: Almir Colan

Our program is taught by Almir Colan, the Director of the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF). Almir is an experienced leader and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing his knowledge and insights with others. With his guidance, you'll gain a deep understanding of Islamic finance principles and how to lead with ethics and integrity.


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Course details:

  • Start date: Any time
  • Course Deliver: Pre recorded video lessons
  • Class Recording: All classes are recorded and available for up to 12 months.
  • Course Instructor: Almir Colan, Director of Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF)

The entire program features a total of 24 hours of video content.


Course details:


Islamic Finance Professional Development Course


  • Understand the aims of Islamic finance in contemporary society.
  • Identify and describe the main principles and prohibitions in Islamic banking and finance.
  • Develop an understanding of how different Islamic modes of financing work.
  • Apply rules of Islamic finance on contemporary commercial transactions and analyze them for Shari'ah compliancy.


  • Intro to Islamic Economic framework
  • How Islamic Banking and Finance works
  • Islamic Law of Contracts and Business Transactions
  • Islamic perspective on wealth and money
  • Personal money matters
  • Prohibited transactions
  • Musharaka and Mudaraba modes of financing (Equity based)
  • Murabahah and Ijarah modes of financing
  • Salam and Istisna modes of financing
  • Islamic Financial Markets, funds and shares.
  • Sukuk (investment certificates)
  • Digital economy and FinTech

IFPD course has a duration of over 12 hours of video content.


Leading with
Islamic Finance

Explore the new vision of Islamic Finance and Economic Leadership.

About this MasterClass:

You are invited on a unique journey of faith, wealth, and success that seeks to ignite a new vision of economic leadership.

This MasterClass is based on Almir's personal experience with Islamic finance and the lessons he learned along the way.

The main theme is centered on the "Shepherd's model" of economic leadership that Almir developed after years of researching the best business and finance practices.

The model itself is based on the Prophet Muhammad's (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) statement that we are all shepherds and therefore responsible for the people and situations around us. From this statement, Almir extracted an economic model that frames our economic functions into three key pillars or domains.

The focus of this MasterClass will be on the third pillar, which deals with economic leadership and wealth creation.

This course has a duration of approximately 8 hours of video content.


Turkiye: Economic Miracle

About this MasterClass

You are invited for the first in the world Islamic case study of Turkiye's economy under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

It is a story of Turkiye's relentless effort to become an economically self-sufficient nation. It captures the spirit of leadership that disrupted the economic order of the past and build the new vision for the future.

This MasterClass is based on Almir's first-hand knowledge and insights into the Turkiye's national economic strategy.

This course has a duration of 4 hours of video content.

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This Course was developed in association with the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF).

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