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How to Identify Riba (interest): Buying a Car Example

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In this video, we talk about Riba (interest/usury) and how to spot it in everyday transactions.

Using a common example of buying a car, we illustrate how one transaction can be done as permissible trade, while another can entail Riba from a loan or money-for-money arrangement. This can be hard to spot if you're not familiar with it, but by the end of this video, you'll be able to recognise Riba confidently, insha'Allah.  

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The Trouble with Riba (interest, usury)

Dive into Riba, learn about its history and impact.

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In this video, we explore the subject of riba (interest, usury), its prohibition, and historical context. We also analyse common Riba situations and compare Islamic vs conventional finance.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Meaning of Riba
2:16 Prohibition of Riba
3:54 Simple Ribawi Transactions
6:36 Parties Involved in Riba Transactions
8:51 Riba in Previous Nations
9:12 The Bible on Riba (Ribit)
12:17 The Merchant of Venice Story
14:07 Shylock "Sammy the Bull"
15:49 Wisdom Behind the Prohibition of Riba
17:16 Programming of Riba
17:46 The Fall of the Ottoman Empire
20:49 Types of Riba
24:28 Rules for Riba
27:59 Examples of Riba
38:03 Conventional vs. Islamic Finance
44:07 Basic Modes of Finance

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