Islamic Economy: Shepherd's framework

What is the Islamic economic system and how it differs from socialist and capitalist models? In this masterclass, Almir Colan presents a new model and framework for the Islamic economy.

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0:00 Intro
1:09 Socialist vs Capitalist Growth Rates
4:17 Problems with Socialist Economy
7:15 Why it looked like capitalism was winning
9:17 Definition of Economy
11:13 Production, Trade and Money
18:15 Incentives Drive Outcomes
20:41 Bottlenecks in Socialism & Capitalism
30:00 Islamic Economy - The Shepherd’s Model
32:02 1st Pillar: Wealth Distribution
39:29 2nd Pillar: Wealth Protection
43:32 3rd Pillar: Wealth Creation
49:04 Comparing Economic Systems
50:54 Islamic Economy Framework

This masterclass is part of the "Muslim Money Matters" series. To learn more about "Muslim Money Matters" please visit:



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